3D scanning of buildings

3D scanning technology allows you to capture millions of dots in 30 seconds, forming a point cloud (scan or Point Cloud). Dozens and hundreds of separate scans and their exact linking in one common Point Cloud can be combined in one project. It becomes the basis of accurate CAD drawings.


When it has quality input data, the design team could more easily come to a solution where the reconstruction can proceed without complications and be cost-effective.


For more complex buildings and sites, three-dimensional sizing is required. With a 3D scanner, millions of points can be measured in a very short period of time.


Example:  Hotel with an area of 2,300  square meters was filmed for the day. After processing the scanned files within 48 hours, start processing them into working files for Auto CAD. The whole process took 7 days.

For smaller sites, this process can be completed within hours.


For comparison - the use of a conventional method will take weeks for three-dimensional sizing of all objects, with high probabilities of errors and / or omissions of individual elements.


In addition to CAD drawings, the client also receives a photorealistic copy of the scanned object, better spatial orientation and familiarity with the object - as if it were physically there - the 3Dvu DejaVu effect. The end result - As Build CAD documentation (2D and / or 3D), created in the desired configuration of the client - AutoCad, Revit, SketchUp and others.

  • interior scanning of real world objects, with the final product - a cloud of dots

  • transforming the point cloud into global coordinates

  • display of plan and facade drawings

  • brought to the cross section of the spatial object with a plane

  • derivation of the surface area of an object

  • output of the volume of an object

  • output mesh model of the elements of the scanned object

  • modeling of the model of the elements of the scanned object

Artboard 1.png

Stage 2 - 48 hours 

Stage 1 - 24 hours

2d етаж 1.jpg
2d сутерен 2.jpg

Stage 3 - 84 hours 

етаж 1.jpg
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